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The Make Healthy Fun! ebook is 120 pages of exciting projects to motivate kids to eat healthy, exercise and unplug without them knowing it! It's all about having creative fun!

The 120 projects are fast, clever, simple and inexpensive. The supplies needed for the projects are mainly household items with a few inexpensive, readily available items from craft or grocery stores. The chapter titles are: Let's Get Started, Imagine It - Make It, Take It Outside, Go Ahead, Play With Your Food, A Little Dirt Never Hurt, Just Plain Silly, A Hunting We Will Go, Celebrate Good Times and Parents Guide.

Get the whole family involved in being healthy! It's fun. It's simple. It's so life-changing!

Let’s Get Started!
9 Rules of the Kitchen
9 Rules of Crafting
10 Keep It Clean Mat
11 Crafting Treasure Chest
12 Cover-up for Cool Crafts and Cooking Apron
13 Cornstarch Dough Recipe
13 Bread Dough Recipe
14 Coloring Dough
14 Other Dough Ideas

Imagine It - Make It
16 Altered T Princess
17 Make Believe Warrior
18 Make Believe Charade Cards
19 Set the Stage
19 Dream Box

Take It Outside!

21 Plastic Bag Kite
22 Unusual Bubbles
22 You Bowl Me Over
23 Foam Tray Airplanes
24 Crayon Trees and Leaves T-shirt
25 Cookin’ with the Sun
26 Grass Whistle
26 Suitcase Relay Race
27 Jumpin’ Bubble Wrap Shirt
28 It’s Time Capsule
29 Tire T
29 Rubber Band Racquet
30 Plant a Tree
31 Yummy BBQ Pizza
32 Graffiti Garden Flag
33 Sack Race
34 Finish Flags
34 Refrigerator Box Fort

Go Ahead Play with Your Food
36 You Crack Me Up!
37 Eggscellent Recipes
37 How to Hard Boil An Egg
37 Egg Alien
38 Eggscellent Flower
39 Friendly Monster
40 Bubble Cards
41 Milk Magic Shirt
42 Marble Madness
42 Marble Golf
43 Marble Painting
43 Dough Leaves
44 Plantable Seed Greeting Card
45 Stencils to Flip Your Lid Over
46 Veggie Animals
47 Top It Off with Strawberries
48 Vibrant Veggies
49 Cook-Off Contest
49 Dippity Do Da Bloomin’ Apple
50 Celery Rose Shirt
51 To Dye For Veggies & Fruits
52 Veggie or Fruit Dyed Pillowcase
53 Veggie or Fruit Dyed Towel
53 Plastic Wrap Painting
53 Sponge Painting
54 Blindfold Please, Taste Test
55 Dough Disc Game
56 Dough & Veggie or Fruit Dye Jump Rope
57 Dough Beaded Frames
57 Spell-It-Out Food
58 Cook-It-Up Family Style Cookbook
59 Yo Ho Gelatin Pirate Ships

Little Dirt Never Hurt
61 Fashionetta Doll Scarecrow 61 Dressed Up Garden Tools
62 Don’t Throw It, Grow it!
63 My Very Own Seed Packet
64 Garden in a Bag
64 ‘Purse’onal Garden
65 Watering Can
65 Bucket Garden

Just Plain Silly
67 Silly Sticks
68 Splish-Splash Ducky Derby
68 Pebble Pickup
68 How Many Steps?
69 Musical Chores
69 Belt Loop Basketball
70 Drink More H2O Paper Cup
71 Flashlight Boogie
71 Cereal Box Boomerang
72 Seed Name
73 Hand Pom Pom
73 Detergent Cup Game
74 Keep on Truckin’ Bird Feeder
74 Whirligig
75 Roll-It-Out Indoor Hopscotch
76 Dancin’ Feet
77 Butterfly Jump
77 Hoopla  

A Hunting We Will Go

79 Explorer Kit
79 Camo Shirt
79 Camo Hat
80 Camo Shoes
80 Camo Sunglasses
81 Water Bottle Holder
82 Explorer Backpack
83 Flower Pounding
84 Stacked Rocks
84 Rockin’ and Rollin’ With Rocks
85 Jot-It-Down Journal and Pen
86 Grouted Goodie
87 In’jean’ious Farmer’s Market Bag
88 Fall Leaf Box

Celebrate Good Times!
90 Confetti Hot Dogs
91 Totem Pole Dinner
92 Carrot Curls
93 Personal Pockets
94 Mini Flying Saucers
95 Me Plate
96 Colorful Food
97 Look Up Celebrations
98 More Reasons to Celebrate

Parent’s Guide 

100 Thoughts & Ideas
101 Hold It Right There! Recipes for Glues
102 Award Ribbon
103 I Did It! Display
104 Is That a Flower in My Salad?
105 Reward Beads
105 Reward Stickers
106 Learn to Set the Table Placemat
107 Shrink Plastic ID Tag
108 Creation / Imagination Box
108 Activity List



Check out the Make Healthy Fun! eBook!!!

Joan co-authored Get Those Old Records Off the Shelf with designer, Cheryl Ball. So, get those old records off the shelf...out of grandma's attic, out of storage, wherever they are and take a spin on creativity! Records only take a couple of minutes to melt in an oven and can be shaped easily into fantastic projects from record fountains to bowls to clocks to cake stands. Book includes photos and instructions to make a Record Fountain, Record Clock, Record Cake Stand, Record Birdfeeder, Record and Album Cover Placesetting, Record and Album Cover Jewelry, Bowl, Record Album Cover Trays, Record Mail Sorters, Record Album and Cover Room Divider, Record Vase

Shrink plastic is so fun!!! The Guide to Shrink Plastic includes 58 pages of Color Photos, Full Size Patterns,How-To Photos for Home Decor, Jewelry, Kids and Party Projects. Projects include mosaic pots, picture frames, night lights, napkin rings, curtain tie backs, charms from your printer, Dress-Up Dolly, wedding cake cards, cake decorations, Hoppy Easter cakes, entire Garden Party from invitations to punch recipes, Halloween favors, favor baskets, 4th of July and graduation cupcake picks and many more!