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One, two, three, one two three  – put them all together and you can dance!

What You'll Need

  • Fun Foam or Felt
  • Scissors
  • Paint, White
  • Thin Paintbrush
  • Paper, Scratch
  • Pencil

How To Make It!

1. Place paper on floor. Trace around your shoe. Cut out pattern.

2. Place pattern over fun foam or felt. Cut out eight.

3. Paint numbers 1-8 on feet.


Lay out your Dancin’ Feet on the floor following these steps.

Step forward with your right foot (1). Bring your left foot up even with your right (2) and then move it to the left by about 12 to 16 inches (3). On the third beat, your right leg will slide over to join your left (4). Step, to the side (5) and together (6). Now go back with your left foot (7). Bring your right back to join it and slide it over to close the box (8).

Have fun – place the Dancin’ Feet on the floor in different ways and see if you can dance it! Have challenges – one person lays down the Dancin’ Feet and another person has to dance it.

Don't look at your feet while dancing. When practicing without a partner, hold your arms up as high as your waist. This helps your balance and prepares you to dance with a partner.

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